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Australia largest Sea Food marketing company partnered with Seanergy to build Inventory Maintenance System to have the control over their inventory and improve their process.
Seanergy Consulting Services Inc partnered with a VA & FHA Mortgage company to build Dashboards and reports which helped our partners management to take Data Driven decisions.
Seanergy, a IT consulting company, set their first foot in Australia in May 2015 by signing 2 contracts. The first one with, one of the biggest commercial moving companies and the other one with a auctioning / logistic company.
Energy saving company has signed up with Seanergy to build web and mobile application to enhance their process and be the leading player in their industry.
One of world largest transportation company has partnered with Seanergy BI team to implement Tableau across their US locations.
Seanergy, a global IT services company announced its partnership with one of the largest transit provider from California, a provider of full spectrum of transportation services in North America. Seanergy is designing, developing and deploying the solution for one of the largest transit provider from California, USA.
One of the leading customized insurance management software solution from Florida, USA provide chooses Seanergy to develop their product and provide development support for existing products.
One of largest logistics company from Dallas, USA chooses Seanergy to develop mobile apps for their Tracking System.
A top VA and FHA mortgage lender, Utah, USA chooses Seanergy to support their back office systems.
British publisher of books on the visual arts, including art, architecture, photography, and design worldwide, UK chooses Seanergy to re-design its ASP .NET based web application.
An USA based IT company chooses Seanergy to create Ecommerce web application.
An US based Networking Security company chooses Seanergy to create and maintain Forensics software for MAC.
An UK based Publishing company chooses Seanergy to re-design its ASP .NET based web application.
Middle East based engineering services company selects Seanergy to provide services for its onsite and offshore development.
Seanergy was selected by an Indian electronics manufacturing company to build CoE to cater its customers.
UK based company shortlisted Seanergy for its POAP project after considering more than 5 competitors for this project.
An US based genealogy research group chosen Seanergy Softech as solution partners to design and maintain their software.
An UK based Networking Security Company once again selects Seanergy to deliver its Data Distributor Control (DDC) project in onsite and offshore model.
An US based e-commerce company extended software development and maintenance contract with Seanergy to enhance business propositions.
Seanergy has started work on an Immigration Management product, which will be used to automate visa applications, speeding up each application considerably.
An UK based publishing company has extended its requirements from Seanergy and as a result the company will increase the number of onsite developers in London.
One of Seanergy's USA based IT consulting firm, customers has increased to the number of offshore developers it requires with immediate effect. This comes a year after work started with the US based company as a testament to Seanergy's ability to manage onsite-offshore projects efficiently and cost effectively.
An UK based publishing company has asked Seanergy to develop its new Distributor Data Warehouse. This is the second large contract that Seanergy has won with the UK based company, which reaffirms the company's goal to become long term IT partners with its clients.
Seanergy has teamed up with an UK based company, which will represent Seanergy's operations in the country.
An US based healthcare product company has asked the Seanergy Quality Team to test their new product. Seanergy has in the past developed products for the company but this will be the first third party application for the quality team, showing that past clients do have confidence in Seanergy's operations and that they do return.
An Indian based banking and insurance company has placed an order with Seanergy to develop its internal data warehouse for stock exchange price data and Reuters and Bloomberg news. This solution will be a real time system with the volume of data in the millions and records stored for a period of eight to ten years.
A Canada based company have asked Seanergy to provide an offshore development team to work on their VoIP projects.
A UK based chemical company with operations in Germany, France, the UK, the US and India have selected Seanergy to develop its B2B eCommerce portal, based on the prototype initially developed by Seanergy in the bidding process.
Seanergy has won a contract to develop a solution for US based healthcare product company's attendance system. This will be developed over a period of 7 months using ASP.NET.
An US based company as chosen the Seanergy Softech proposal to implement its real time RFID system across India. After considerable due diligence it was felt that Seanergy's team was the most suitable to handle this large scale project handling more than 250 transactions per second.
Seanergy has landed a contract, through an Indian based company, to work with the fast growing US based IT consulting firm in an integrated development environment.
Seanergy has won a new contract to develop data retrieval and display solution for a website Design Company based in UK. The solution, developed in ASP.NET, will be integrated into the company's current commercial credit checking eCommerce portal. This is the second contract Seanergy has won with the UK based company, highlighting the company's commitment to clients, quality services and high levels of customer satisfaction.
An US based and leading online pharmacy company awarded e-Commerce site development and maintenance contract to Seanergy.
An UK based publishing company has chosen Seanergy Softech to develop its shipping module, which controls the shipping of its publications across multiple continents.
An Indian based Business Consulting & Research company has once again chosen Seanergy for its custom application development requirements. The company's Pharma Value Pack Diamond will be an online information portal with varying levels of access available through subscription.

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